We must continue to restore our police department until it reaches its full strength. This includes adding or enhancing services and increasing daytime patrols. Break-ins and property crimes have become all too common in our community and the recent increase in violent crime is alarming.


One priority is a fully staffed truancy program. It’s a fact that truancy abatement results in lower daytime burglaries. Keeping students in their classrooms will increase their academic performance and lower afternoon break-ins. 



We need more crossing guard positions at critical intersections to make them safer for students and pedestrians.


As the city grows and our population increases, we must allocate the funds necessary to build new stations and update existing ones. Additionally, all our stations need to be fully staffed and equipped.



San Jose is in the midst of a housing crisis. This crisis is making it difficult for families to live in the same community with their children and grandchildren. They are forced to leave San Jose due to the high cost of housing. Many San Jose workers face long commutes because they cannot afford to live here. Short term: I would make it easier for homeowners to build granny units, streamline the planning process and consider reducing city construction fees, and create down payment assistance programs.

Long term: create a task force that includes housing advocates, multi-unit housing owners, builders, and other stakeholders and listen to their recommendations on how to provide housing opportunities for all, including the homeless. 


San Jose businesses of all sizes make our economy thrive. These businesses support all types of workers. We must allow all businesses to thrive by not raising business taxes or imposing unnecessary regulations. We must support all workers, from non-skilled to high-tech. And we must encourage entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses here.

Fiscal Responsibility

As the city recovers from past economic hard times, we must ensure that all decisions made are sustainable, without drastic reductions in services or an increase in taxes, even during future economic downturns. 


We must improve traffic flow, improve mass transit and make it easier for commuters to get where they need to go outside of a solo vehicle. Supplying higher density housing along the transit corridors is a proven solution. 



Road Maintenance

As a city, we have been deferring pothole repair and repairing our deteriorating roads for far too many years. This not only compounds the funds needed to catch up on repairs and maintenance, but there is an unknown total cost to the City. Let’s identify and allocate sufficient funds to fully repair our streets and eliminate the hidden costs to city and damage to residents’ vehicles. 

Cambrian Park Plaza

The redevelopment of the Cambrian Park Plaza must serve the residents of Cambrian without creating greater traffic congestion and public safety issues. 

These issues are real concerns of our District 9 neighbors. While we work together to solve these issues, and others that develop over the years, we must ensure that decisions made are sustainable, affordable, and successful.


Any solution with our homeless population must address the underlying causes: poverty, mental illness, addictions, lack of job skills and high cost of housing. There is not a one size fits all approach to housing the homeless. City council must act quickly to identify solutions that includes emergency housing, transitional and permanent housing. While the City must provide the necessary housing, we must partner with the County and support service agencies to provide the wrap around services to help the homeless that address mental health, drug addiction and job training. Housing without the services will doom the success of any program.


Parks/Libraries/Quality of Life

San Jose should and can retain its image as a city that provides a high quality of life. Important elements include well-maintained parks, fully stocked libraries with extended hours on evenings and weekends and a vibrant art and entertainment community.

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