Email announcing my candidacy

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Dear Friends, 

In 2004, I was sworn into office as a San Jose Unified School Board trustee. It was, and is, an oath that I take seriously.  

Since first elected, I have approached the responsibility of being a school board trustee with seriousness of purpose, openness to new ideas, a keen eye toward spending taxpayer money wisely and an unwavering transparency and willingness to meet with parents, students, teachers and administrators to hear their voices and views about how things could improve.  

If this experience and approach to the School Board has taught me one thing, it is that strong leaders are the ones who are willing to make difficult decisions.  

And this background brings me to an exciting announcement today:  

I am running for San Jose City Council. 

The City of San Jose is on the precipice of an incredibly exciting time. Jobs are on the rise. Public safety investments are on the rebound. Neighborhoods are coming together to improve the quality of life like never before.  

But there are still serious and difficult decisions to make.  

My experience, as a small business owner, as an elected official, as a mother and wife - make me uniquely qualified to represent District 9 on the San Jose City Council. 

Our District 9 neighborhoods deserve and expect only the highest level of expertise and leadership from our City Council representatives - and I fully intend to meet as many of my neighbors, knock on as many doors, attend as many community events and have as many conversations as it requires to professionally and effectively represent our community at City Hall. 

But I need one thing more than anything else to get there - your help. 

Please visit today and join our team. It will take only 2 minutes - but it will allow me to communicate with you as the campaign moves forward in the coming months. 

Thank you again for all your support and I hope to count on your support in the future.


Pam Foley