On the Issues


San Jose businesses of all sizes make our economy thrive. These businesses support all types of workers. We must allow small businesses to thrive by not raising business taxes or imposing unnecessary regulations. We must support all workers, from non-skilled to hightech. And we must encourage entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses here.

Public Safety

More Police | We are now in the first stages of restoring the Police Department. We must continue until it reaches its full strength. We must add or enhance services reduced during the recession, including increased neighborhood day time patrols.

Reduce Truancy | One priority is a fully staffed truancy program. Studies have proven that truancy abatement results in lower daytime burglaries. Keeping students in their classrooms will result in an in increase student performance.

Ensure Pedestrian Safety | Additionally, we need more crossing guard positions at critical intersections to make them safer for students and pedestrians.

Support the Fire Department | As the city grows and our population increases, we must allocate the funds necessary to build new stations and update existing ones. Additionally, all our stations need to be fully staffed and equipped.


There is a lack of both affordable housing and workforce housing. Many San Jose workers face long commutes because they cannot afford to live here. We must pass legislation that would assist the local jurisdictions in creating more and varied types of housing. Short-term: we can reduce construction fees in transit areas, streamline the process for homeowners to develop granny units, create down payment assistance programs, and partner with school districts and others with excess land to create additional workforce housing. Long-term: let’s create a task force including developers, housing advocates, realtors, and other stakeholders to make recommendations as to ways to increase housing opportunities for all.

Fiscal Responsibility

As the city recovers from recent economic hard times, we must ensure that all decisions made are sustainable, without drastic reductions in services or an increase in taxes.

Traffic/Road Maintenance

We must investigate ways of improving traffic flow, improving mass transit and making it easier for commuters to get where they need to go outside of a solo vehicle.

We have been deferring fixing potholes and maintaining our roads for far too many years. This not only compounds the amount needed to catch up on repairs and maintenance, but there is an unknown total cost to the City and residents for damage to their vehicles as a result of streets in disrepair.

This year and next we are budgeting the minimum amount to avoid any further deterioration, but not enough to truly improve our roads. This is estimated to cost an additional $25 million per year.

As a city, we must identify and allocate sufficient funds to fully repair our roads and eliminate the hidden costs to the City and our residents for vehicle repairs.

Parks/Libraries/Quality of Life

San Jose has been and can retain its image as a city that provides a high quality of life. Important elements of a great quality of life include well-maintained parks, fully stocked libraries with extended hours on evenings and weekends and a vibrant art and entertainment community.