Those attack ads

Last night I participated in the last forum for my race for city council. Sharing here the public comments that I made about the attack ads sent out against my opponent by an independent committee.

I did not like them when they were used against me in the primary and I don’t like them used against my opponent.

I am upset, angry, frustrated and wish they would stop. I do not condone them nor was I able to give any input into their use.

These are Independent expenditures, which means by law a candidate must have absolutely no contact with those sending them.

Anyone can create an Independent Expenditure, but, as a candidate, I cannot have interaction with the group creating and mailing them.

Make no mistake, I do not condone these type of ads and I wish they would stop.

Pam Foley

no attack ads.jpg

See press conference video with D9 Candidate Pam Foley, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Coucilmembers Chappie Jones, Dev Davis & Johnny Khamis