Dear Supporters:

The election is over and as of today, I lead my opponent 50.82% to 49.18% with 99% of the votes being counted according to the Santa Clara County Registrar's office.

This means - We Won!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that supported me, encouraged me, walked precincts for me, donated to my campaign, made phone calls on my behalf, endorsed me, voted for me, and encouraged others to vote for me.

Pam, Katelin (daughter), Mike (husband)

Pam, Katelin (daughter), Mike (husband)

The results were very close, as we anticipated, which means that every one of your efforts helped make a difference.

I am particularly grateful to my husband, Mike, and daughter, Katelin, for supporting me through my quest. Running for office is a family matter. Thank you for propping me up when I needed it, being my cheerleaders and encouraging me to pursue my dream.

Thankfully, the hard work of the election is over. With the important work at City Hall only beginning, I am energized and excited to take on the challenges that face the City of San Jose.

As I meet with City Staff and Councilmember Don Rocha and his team, I am encouraged by their professionalism and support.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about issues facing the residents of San Jose. Success means that we are working together to accomplish the same goals of improving the quality of life for everyone in San Jose.

Happy Holidays and onto 2019! ~ Pam